Green hot wax in discs 250ml

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GREEN hot wax in discs  250ml

Instructions for use: Heat the cartridge with wax in a special heater.

Heating time: 20 minutes. When the wax heats up, you can start the depilation process.

Apply a strip of wax (about 15cm) in the direction of hair growth. Attach a special paper for depilation, smooth your hand along the entire length in the direction of hair growth. Take paper at one end and tear it against the direction of hair growth.

To get the best results, we recommend using before and after depilation oil

GREEN hot wax in discs  250ml

Arcocere Low temperature wax: the hot wax honey

Brazilian waxing is becoming increasingly popular in today's society and unwanted hair removed so in the longer term than with a simple shave. Professional wax is particularly important for professional work. This wax is intended to refill and were made of pure beeswax with honey. In the Pack there are total 1000 ml. This wax is suitable for hair removal on all body parts. The combination of high-quality beeswax and honey ensures at the same time maintained and soothes the skin at the waxing. This prevents skin irritation and your customers will be delighted.

The most important information in the brief overview:

  • Hot wax honey
  • honey wax in the refill Pack
  • Content: 1000 ml
  • Manufacturer: ARCOCERE
  • Low temperature wax
  • to refill
  • for hair removal
  • pure beeswax with honey

Easy hair removal with honey wax

With the honey hot wax can remove especially quickly and easily effectively hair on all parts of the body. Sure of the high quality of this product and ease of use. You and your customers will be convinced. The hot wax honey is perfectly suited for the application without non-woven strips.

Easy hair removal thanks to easy handling

Waxing is easier than ever with the practical roll-on head piece. Warm up the wax in a heater or a suitable container. Clean the skin before applying hot wax honey with a spatula gently on the skin. After a few seconds unplug gently, but with a quick movement of the skin to the wax. Wax leaves a silky smooth skin and can be applied to any body point.

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