Is adore ammonia free hair dye damaging

Adore hair colour Ammonia-free hair colour is safer for long-term use (great news if you like to refresh your vivid colour often). Ammonia upsets the hair's natural pH balance which makes hair brittle and prone to breakage. Using our ammonia-free hair dyes means colouring your hair is safe time and time again.


Permanent hair dyes that are labeled “ammonia-free” are not any better for your hair than traditional ammonia hair dyes. In fact, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) has rated ethanolamine's toxicity level at 5 to 6, which is higher than that of ammonia. Adore semi-permanent hair color.

Do hairdressers use ammonia-free hair dye

Don't hair salons use ammonia-based dyes? It's true that salons have used ammonia for years, but many professional colourists now appreciate the benefits of ammonia-free products – for themselves and their clients

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