Hair color Micro Bead Hair Extension

Hair color  Micro Bead Hair Extension Tools for the Microring Application System are durable, easy to use and innovative. Designed for professional hairdressers, they're the ideal companion for the assembly of Microring Hair Extensions: the complete range includes pliers and clamps for the assembly and disassembly of extensions, as well as accessories such as micro rings (micro beads) in many colors.

We the  results from our Microring Extensions create a special kind of transformation. You will make a statement every time you walk into a room and the quality of our hair extensions will leave you bursting with a new found self-confidence. What makes our microring hair extensions so special? You don't need any heat or glue to attach it. This ensures that your new head of hair can be applied gently to avoid damaging your own hair. Many of our customers will also be familiar with remy Microring Extensions under the term Microloop Extensions. Hair extension beads are good assistant to hair stylists and hairdressers, which is perfect for hair salons and barber shop use

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