Keratin Hair Masks 

Keratin hair mask is a protein found in the hair shaft and root. It helps to form the hair’s texture and strength. Keratin can also help to protect the hair from damage and make the hair less likely to frizz. There are many types of keratin, but the most common type is keratin sulfate. Keratin sulfate is the most common type of keratin found in the hair, giving hair its strength and elasticity. When you use a keratin hair mask, you’re using keratin sulfate to help protect the hair from damage. 

Keratin hair masks are popular for people looking to treat hair damage and grow hair faster. They are also a great way to help keep hair healthy and shiny.

There are many different types of keratin hair masks, but the most popular are:

Keratin Intensive Mask

This is the most popular type of keratin hair mask. It is made of keratin, a protein found in the hair and nails, and it helps repair damage and grow hair faster.

Keratin Repair Mask

This is a less popular type of keratin hair mask, and it is made of keratin.

Keratin Mask for Hair in UK

Hair masks are becoming more popular in the UK, as they are a great way to help treat dry, brittle hair. Keratin masks bind to the hair, and over time this can help restore moisture and improve the strength and elasticity of the hair. We also offer hair styling services in the comfort of your own home.

There are several different keratin masks on the market, so choosing the one best suited to your hair type and needs is essential. Some popular keratin masks include the Envie macadamia hair mask 250ml, the Citylife keratin hair mask with keratin for dry, damaged hair, and the Envie keratin hair mask treatment 1000 ml. Our mission is to help you look and feel your best.

Keratin Hair Mask

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