Gold well colorance demi permanent hair color products are committed to the perfection of color and the maintenance after application. The Gold well  colorance demi permanent  range of products are based on the exclusive Gold well colorance demi permanent 5-step Color Cycle concept that gives stylists the tools they need to express their vision and ensure long term success for their salons. Goldwellcolorance demi permanent hair color.


Matrix Professional Hair color .Matrix develops the latest color brands to inspire you and your colorist. Matrix socolor Permanent Cream Hair color:Rich, radiant color. Matrix socolor beauty luminous shine. Consistently stunning results from the stylists'1 choice in

Permanent color. matrix socolor permanent hair color.


There's a reason why Koleston perfect is called perfect - 100.000 salons can tell you why!
The first cream hair color in 1950, the first truly personalized hair colorant today: Koleston Prefect's hair dye color unbeatable quality has never ceased to evolve. Known for truly koleston prcfect, intense and vibrant color results due to highest quality


New wella Color Touch with Light Color complex puts the highest standards of wella color demi-permanent color In your hand. Global ambassador of Wella Professionals color Josh Wood is an avid user of wella Color Touch. Wella color toch hair color.


Fudge Paintbox Blueberry Hill creative conditioning colour is a semi-permanent that stains the cuticle layer on the hair. This Fudge colour will provide vibrant, dramatic results on pre-lightened hair and more subtle tones on natural hair. It has the added benefit of conditioning as it colours, giving the hair increased health and shine. Fudge Paintbox colours have no ammonia, no peroxide and no lift.


Koleston perfect is called perfect - 100.000 salons can tell you why. The first cream hair color in 1950, the first truly personalized hair colorant today. Koleston Prefect's hair dye color unbeatable quality has never ceased to evolve. Known for truly koleston prefect, intense and vibrant color results due to highest quality


New wella Color Touch with Light hair Color complex puts the highest standards of wella hair color demi-permanent hair color In your hand. Global ambassador of Wella Professionals hair color Josh Wood is an avid user of wella Color Touch. Wella color toch hair color.

When it comes to color services, your competence and your salon’s image are judged by more than just being able to select the right color and technique. What makes the difference is offering”the ultimate color experience“ to your clients.


GOLDWELL demi-color-related education is based on the principles and methodology of the GOLDWELL demi-Color Cycle. Achieve perfect color results and total client satisfaction by joining us and living the GOLDWELL demi-Color Cycle in your salon. This easy five step method is used when approaching clients and underpins the entire color service – from consultation in the salon through to the right recommendation of home care products. Access the knowledge of the GOLDWELL Color Cycle together with us and aim to perfect your skills and support your further success, achieving perfectly colored and cared for hair as well as consistent client satisfaction.


Apply CRAZY hair COLOR to wet hair with a brush, laying crazy hair color on the entire length of the hair shaft, stopping about ¼-inch away from the scalp. Begin at the nape of the neck and work upward through the head of hair.Comb Crazy hair Color until it becomes frothy. This indicates that the complex color pigments used in CRAZY hair COLOR have penetrated into hair. Lighter shades of CRAZY COLOR will require more combing to obtain maximum results.


CRAZY hair COLOR will process at room temperature in 15 minutes. More resistant hair may benefit from placing a plastic cap on the hair and processing for 30 minutes. At no time - and for no reason - should peroxide be used with CRAZY hair COLOR? Do not use alkaline products with CRAZY hair COLOR and do not mix it with permanent hair coloring products. Alkalinity upsets the delicate balanced state that is essential to obtain the maximum pigmentation and conditioning effects of CRAZY hair COLOR.

CRAZY hair COLOR cream is a conditioning temporary color. It is not recommended for clients with more than 10% white hair. For exotic, vibrant colors, the hair must be bleached to the light yellow stage and crazy color cream applied exactly as it is supplied, without the addition of any other substances. CRAZY hair COLOR is an excellent medium for those who want to experience the mixing of primary, secondary and tertiary colors.


Maxima Hair dye Colour Remover Extra Strength For Darker Hair Colours. Maxima Regular Hair Colour Remover is perfect to wash away your unwanted artificial colour. It is the most convenient and effective way to reverse an undesirable hair colour application. Extra is ideal for the removal of a build up of hair colour or if the colour you want to remove is very dark. Maxima shrink the artificial dye molecules in the hair, enabling you to simply wash them away. Maxima do not touch your natural hair pigment so you are left with the colour which lay beneath your artificial shade. Maxima contains no bleach or ammonia and the after treatment buffer means you can re-colour your hair immediately after applying Maxima and still achieve your desired result.


Bigen Permanent Powder Hair dye Color is ideal for those looking for beautiful, long lasting, results with 100% gray coverage or to enhance natural hair dye color. The unique bigen powder formula is activated by water to naturally open the hair's cuticle and deposit rich, natural hair color into even the most stubborn gray hair. With bigen color no ammonia and no hydrogen peroxide required, this deposit only hair color is the gentle choice for rich color and optimum shine regardless of your natural hair color, consistency, condition, length or style!


Hair dye  color . 
Hair dye products, hair dye tips, hair dye color for men & women, home hair dying colours, organic hair dye color , highlights color , special effects. Hair Dye color is very common nowdays and over 75% of women have dyed color or colored hair at any one time sometimes to cover grey hair color and sometimes just for a change of look, men are also dying their hair more often now but tend to use the gradual hair dying color method
where they lose a little more grey after each wash.
If you are going to have your hair dyed then we would of course recommend going to a hair salon and have it done professionally because you can’t beat the results but sometimes you just can’t afford either the time it takes or the prices they charge so we are here to give you some tips and advice on how to dye your hair, but remember what works well for one person can be a disaster for another.
Chemicals such as ammonia and peroxide can damage your hair and the effects get worse the more often you dye it plus your hair will react differently to different levels of the chemicals found in various types of products, there are three main types of hair dye on the market and the first is semi-permanent, this adds to your normal hair colour without covering it up, this is also useful for areas of grey hair where you want to just blend it into your normal colouring and it has no ammonia or peroxide, it normally washes out after around a dozen shampoos. If you want something that lasts a bit longer then try demi-permanent because this will last twice as long this also does not contain ammonia but does have some peroxide in it.
If you want a permanent change of hair colour then permanent hair dye color does what it says, it will change your hair from any colour to any colour but be very careful because this will not wash out at all, if you get it wrong the only thing you can do is either dye it again with a different colour or wait until it grows out, this product contains both peroxide and ammonia. 
Hair dye tips.
There are four ways to highlight your hair dye color and they are known as Foil Highlights, Hair dye color Painting, Chunking and Lowlights, with each of these methods you are only dying color parts of your hair, foil highlighting is where you wrap foil around the hair that you don't want dyed and then use a brush to apply dye to the rest, hair painting is used a lot in salons and involves using a brush or comb to paint the dye onto your hair color , chunking is where you take a large chunk of hair and dye it and last of all lowlights is as the name implies where you dye parts of your hair a darker colour than it is at the moment.
Hair colours are either warm tones or cool tones, cool tones include, deep coffee brown hair color , dishwater blonde hair color , golden blonde hair color , medium ash brown hair color , medium golden brown hair color , blue-black hair color , and clear hair white. This will look best if highlighted in one of the following tones, raven blacks, cool blondes, ash browns, burgundy & bright red.
Warm tones are, red hair color , strawberry blonde hair color , deep brownhair color  and gray hair color . This will be best highlighted with golden blonde hair color , red color , golden brown hair color , deep chocolate hair color  and orange. Hair dye color for men, best hair dye color for men, just for men hair dye, colour hair dye for men, gradual hair dye for men, shampoo.
Get Blonde Hair 
Blonde hair color , how to get blonde hair, dye hair from brown to blonde, blonde hair dye tips, home dying blonde hair.
Obviously it's best to go to a salon and get your hair dyed properly but if you are determined to go blonde at home here are a few tips, the darker your hair colour the more difficult it will be to go blonde, make sure that your hair is in good condition before you try and dye it and if you have had it relaxed, permed or dyed before then leave it for a few weeks to settle down and get the chemicals out.
Hair Color Hints
Hair colour hints, we give you hints and tips for hair colour & home hair colour, tips for split ends & hair colour tips & hints.
So you've dyed your hair color  and it now looks great but how do you keep it that way for as .
You should always rinse dyed hair color with cool water and never hot water because cool water will help to close the cuticle of your hair color which is the outer layer and this will trap in the colour and if you decide to go swimming either in the pool or in the sea here's a great tip for you, rinse your hair in cool water before you go swimming this will help to stop your hair from absorbing chlorine or salt water.
Hair dye color .
Human Hair color is the pigmentation of hair dye follicles due to two types of melanin, eumelanin and pheomelanin. Generally, if more melanin is present, the color of the hair is darker; if less melanin is present, the hair color is lighter. Levels of melanin can vary over time causing a person's hair color to change, and it is possible to have hair follicles of more than one color.Particular hair dye mascara colors can be associated with ethnic groups - however, due to migration and global travel, considerable variations have developed in the hair dye mascara color of individuals within an ethnic group, creating a greatly increased diversity of hair color.
Genetics and biochemistry of hair dye color, Natural hair dye colors,Brown hair dye color, Black hair dye color ,Blonde hair dye color, Auburn hair dye color , Red hair dye color, Grey and white hair dye color, Conditions affecting hair mascara dye color .
Effects of aging on hair dye mascara color, Genetics and biochemistry of hair dye color
Two types of pigment give hair its dye mascara color: eumelanin and phaeomelanin. Phaeomelanin colors hair red. Eumelanin, which has two subtypes of black or brown, determines the darkness of the hair dye color. A low concentration of brown eumelanin results in blonde hair dye , whereas a higher concentration of brown eumelanin will color the hair dye brown. High amounts of black eumelanin result in black hair dye , while low concentrations give gray hair dye . All humans have some phaeomelanin in their hair dye color . 
Phaeomelanin is more chemically stable than black eumelanin, but less chemically stable than brown eumelanin, so it breaks down more slowly when oxidized. This is why bleach gives darker hair dye a reddish tinge during the artificial coloring process. As the phaeomelanincontinues to break down, the hair dye mascara will gradually become orange, then yellow, and finally white.
The genetics of hair dye colors are not yet firmly established. According to one theory, at least two gene pairs control human hair dye color.
One gene, (brown/blonde) has a dominant brown allele and a recessive blonde allele. A person with a brown allele will have brown hair dye; a person with no brown alleles will be blonde. This explains why two brown-haired parents can produce a blonde-haired child.

Natural black hair dye colors
Natural hair dye color can be black, brown color , blonde color , or red color , depending on a person's ethnic origins. Hair dye color is genetically associated with certain skin tones and eye colors. Black hair mascara , Dark brown hair mascara  ,Brown hair mascara Auburn hair mascara ,Red hair mascara , Blonde hair mascara  ,Grey (gray) hair mascara , White hair ,Brown hair mascara .

Brown hair dye color.
Brown hair dye  color is the second most common hair color, the most common in Europe and some other parts of the world. It is characterized by higher levels of eumelanin and lower levels of phaeomelanin. Of the two types of eumelanin (black and brown), brown-haired people have brown eumelanin; they also usually have medium-thick strands of hair dye . Brown-haired people are also known as brunettes.Natural Black hair dye 
Black hair is the darkest and the most common color of human hair. It has large amounts of eumelanin and is less dense than other hair colors

Blonde hair
Blonde hair dye ranges from nearly white (platinum blonde, tow-haired) to a dark golden blonde. Strawberry blonde, a mixture of blonde and red hair only (thought to have originated in Celtic and Scandinavian countries) is a much rarer type containing the most amounts of phaeomelanin.
Blonde hair dye can have almost any proportion of phaeomelanin and eumelanin. but 
Auburn hair dye  color Auburn hair dye color ranges from light to reddish brown color . The chemicals which cause auburn hair are eumelanin (brown) and phaeomelanin. It is most commonly found in individuals of European descent.
Red hair dye mascara color 
Red hair dye color ranges from vivid strawberry shades to deep auburn and burgundy, and is the rarest fully distinct hair color on earth. It is caused by a variation in the Mc1r gene and believed to be recessive.[2] Red hair has the highest amounts of phaeomelanin and usually low levels of eumelanin, and is the rarest natural human hair color.[citation needed. Grey and white hair dye color
 For the Native American leader, see White Hair. For the fictional character, see White hair dye. Conditions affecting hair dye color/nEffectsof aging on hair color
Children born with some hair colors may find it gradually darkens as they grow. Many 
Two genes appear to be responsible for the process of graying, The change in hair color occurs when melanin ceases to be produced in the hair root and new hairs grow in without pigment. The stem cells at the base of hair follicles produce melanocytes, the cells that produce and store pigment in hair and skin. The death of the melanocyte stem cells causes the onset of graying.
Other medical conditions affecting hair dye color
Albinism is a genetic abnormality in which little pigment is found in human hair color , eyes or skin. The hair is white or pale blond.
Vitiligo is a patchy loss of hair and skin color that may occur as the result of an auto-immune disease.
Malnutrition is also known to cause hair to become lighter, thinner, and more brittle. Dark hair may turn reddish or blondish due to the decreased production of melanin. The condition is reversible with proper nutrition.
Artificial factors affecting hair dye color
The hair dye color of mummies or buried bodies can change. Hair contains a mixture of black-brown-yellow eumelanin and red pheomelanin. Eumelanin is less chemically stable than pheomelanin and breaks down faster when oxidized. It is for this reason that Egyptian mummies have reddish hair. The color of hair changes faster under extreme conditions. It changes more slowly under dry oxidizing conditions (such as in burials in sand or in ice) than under wet reducing conditions (such as burials in wood or plaster coffins
Hair dye coloring
A hairdresser colors a client's hair. Hair coloring Hair color can be changed by a chemical process. Hair coloring is classed .
Semi-permanent hair dye color cannot lighten hair. Hair can only be lightened using chemical lighteners, such as bleach. Bleaching is always permanent because it removes the natural pigment.


Things you should know about contact lenses

Contact lenses are small lenses that are applied directly to the eye to provide vision correction. Today, they are one of the most popular ways to correct vision problems and they are contact lenses worn by an estimated 125 million people worldwide.
The History of contact lenses can be an interesting topic to explore and while the technologies used to make corrective lenses today only go back around 50 years, Leonardo da Vinci was the first person to consider the idea of contact lenses in the 16th century.


Why choose contact lenses?

There are many reasons that people opt to wear contact lenses instead of eye glasses. This can include the fact that contacts lenses are easy to use and don't have an effect on the wearer's appearance.

For those who lead active lifestyles, eye glasses can be a cumbersome and sometimes dangerous option, as the contact lenses and frames can break, causing damage to the eyes. In addition, contacts lenses don't fog up in cold weather like spectacles do and they have a wider field-of-vision compared to eye glasses.

If you don't want to wear spectacles, laser eye surgery is another option. But many are wary of this technology and the non-invasive nature of contact lenses can be a much more attractive solution. Contacts lenses are also a much cheaper option, as surgery can cost hundreds of pounds.


What kinds of contact lenses are available?

Today contacts lenses can be used to treat a wide range of vision problems, including astigmatism,  and myopia.  

Even if you don't need your eyesight corrected, you may choose to wear contact lenses coloured or crazy color contact lenses to enhance your appearance. 

For many years, a person who wanted to wear contacts lenses would buy a single pair and wear it for up to a year. They would be required to spend quite a lot of time and money keeping the lenses clean. However, today most contact lenses are disposable, either monthly or daily, making them better for the health of the wearer's eyes, as well as much easier to take care of. 

In most cases, modern contacts lenses are manufactured from a special type of soft plastic called silicone hydrogel. This material is gas permeable, meaning that it allows oxygen to travel through the plastic and to the surface of the eye.

How to find out more information about contact lenses

If you'd like to learn more about contact lenses, it might be best to get in touch with an eye care professional. This is especially true for questions about your personal eye health.  

If you're looking to buy contact lenses, offers a fabulous range of products to choose from, with affordable items to suit every requirement. 

You can also check out our contact lenses news section to find about the latest research and developments, as well other information about contact lenses.

 Contact lens history is an interesting subject to learn about, especially for those who rely on these tiny but complex items.


How have contact lenses changed throughout history?


Throughout the 20th century, contact lens history continued to evolve and dramatic discoveries were made that allowed the contact lenses to become more effective treatments for vision problems.  


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