Sabfabisco Pearls Hot Wax Stripless Chocolate wax.

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Sabfabisco  Pearls Hot Wax Stripless Chocolate  wax.

Aloe Vera Film Wax Premium Hot Wax Beads for Depilation, Full Body Hair Removal Waxing- Stripless Wax ​For Home or Professional Use For all type of Skin Waxing Kit for Hair Removal

Sabfabisco  Pearls Hot Wax Stripless Chocolate  wax.

  • The ​hot wax beads​ made of chlorophyll film wax are easy to use and very effective with ​low melting wax beads ​weighing 500 grams the aloe vera wax is made in Italy.
  • The​ wax beads for hair removal ​are easy to use and ​remove the hair gently​ without the help of wax strips. These High-Quality​ wax beads​ are used for professional-style hair removal.
  • The ​wax beads ​are specially made with the Aloe Vera extract is well known for its dermo-protective and emollient properties. The ​hot wax beads​ are perfect for mature, dry skin. The wax is particularly soft and elastic and is best suited for the ones who prefer regular full body wax​ or want and corrections in specific parts of the body.
  • The​ wax beads for hair removal​ are hassle-free to use. You need one spatula to apply the wax and let it dry and you can peel it off. These​ hair removal wax beads ​can be used both on the body and in the genital area. Unlike razors or any other products, the results of the​ wax bead hair removal kit​ are long-lasting. This product can be used at home, in the salon, wax studios.

The ​wax beads for hair removal​ are available in many other flavors and fragrances like Honey, pink, blue azulene, and green chlorophyll. It is advised to use the ​aloe vera lotion before and after the use of sabfabisco  for a better feel on the skin

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